• A Redis Client for Crystal

    This week I have published Crystal-Redis, a Redis client for the Crystal programming language. It is open source, full featured, well documented and is very fast.

    A few months ago I got excited about the new programming language Crystal. Crystal is the logical next step for Ruby programmers. It offers a Ruby like syntax, but is staticly typed and compiles to native code, which makes it much faster. Like Go, it has a coroutines and channels based concurrency model, allowing true parallelism. And Crystal compiles to staticly linked binaries, making deployment simple.

    To learn Crystal, I felt I needed a real project. So I decided to implement an open source project: Crystal-Redis, a library that connects Crystal to Redis. Redis is a popular NoSQL-Database.

    The project turned our great: Crystal-Redis has amazing performance, a very convenient API, good documentation and examples and was very well received by other developers.

    More details on Crystal-Redis and on how to use it are available on GitHub.

  • Using SPDY with Nginx 1.4

    Nginx 1.4 finally went stable. This new version comes with SPDY integrated. If both web browser and server support it, SPDY improves your site's performance.

    Because SPDY is built on top of SSL, it will encrypt all communication as a side effect. This helps to secure e.g. the admin login area of this blog.

    I played with SPDY a bit. Here is how I got it to work on Ubuntu Linux.

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  • Sphinx search / thinking_sphinx with german umlauts

    I figured out how to get Sphinx / thinking_sphinx to handle searches with german umlauts and treat the umlauts as case insensitive.

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