• Ruby Gem for Crowd 2

    I took the Ruby client gem for Atlassian Crowd 1.6 from and updated it for Crowd 2. Also I added a new demo script that makes it easier to get started. Tested with Crowd 2.0.5.

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  • Why 'bundle install' is slow (and how to make it fast)

    I use Bundler's command bundle install with Capistrano and it used to takes many seconds to complete. The reason was that Bundler fetched all required gems unless they were already installed and then checked for all dependent gems if there is are newer versions available and installed these. It's the last step that took so long.

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  • Why You Should Split Your Epics Into Smaller User Stories

    Probably every agile book recommends to split large user stories (epics) into smaller ones. But why? The reason is usually 'because they are more manageable', but I didn't really understand what that was supposed to mean. Until recently, when we worked on two epics. And I had an insight that I am eager to share.

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