• Guard Bundler Tutorial - Run "bundle install" Automatically

    Guard/Bundler Tutorial

    Following up on my Guard tutorial, I explain here how to setup Guard to run bundle install automatically everytime you modify your Gemfile.

    If you don't know Guard yet, please read my Guard tutorial first.


    Working with a Gemfile can be annoying: edit the file, run bunde install, check for error messages, repeat. Or even forget to run bundle install and check in copies of Gemfile and Gemfile.lock that don't match into version control.

    With Guard, you can avoid this. Setup like in this tutorial, it will run bundle install automatically for you.


    Guard's support for Bundler comes as a separate gem, the guard-bundler gem.

    Install the Gem

    To install the guard-bundler gem, add it to your Gemfile:

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  • Guard Tutorial - Run a Command on File Change

    Guard Tutorial

    Guard watches the files in your project directory, and responds to changes by running a configurable command or plugin.

    This is very useful functionality. I feel that the Guard website makes it harder than necessary to get started though. Therefore I wrote this tutorial.

    Why use Guard?

    Example uses for Guard are:

    • Automatically run your tests after your code changes
    • Run bundle install when you edit your Gemfile
    • Migrate your database when you change a migration
    • Restart your Sinatra server after you edited your Ruby code

    Basic Setup

    Here are the basic steps to get started with Guard.

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  • Redis: Crystal vs Ruby vs Node vs ...

    Redis client performance benchmark

    Recently, I have published a Redis client library for Crystal called Crystal-Redis. Since the major reason to use Redis and Crystal is performance, I wanted to make Crystal-Redis fast.

    In order to know where I stand with the library, I needed to compare Crystal-Redis with other client libraries in other programming languages. I built a simple benchmark and ported it.

    First I measured Crystal against Ruby and C, but then I enjoyed the process and compared also against Go, Node.js and Java. The results are fascinating.

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