Stefan Wille

Spring & Hibernate, 2nd Edition

February 24, 2008

Our publisher will start selling the second edition of our book Spring & Hibernate in April, 2008!

Take a look at Amazon's page for our book. The first edition was launched in November 2006. Since then, we have updated the book to the latest software releases, added a few topics and corrected known errors.

Among the more visible changes are:

  • A new section on Open Session In Conversation, based on Spring Webflow. An alternative to the Open Session In View pattern.
  • Another new section on dependency injection for domain objects
  • Spring 2.5
  • A new yellow cover...

After our readers received the first edition so well, I think we made an even better book. Go to the book's website for more info and sample source code. Cheers to my coauthors!