Stefan Wille

A Redis Client for Crystal

May 21, 2015

This week I have published Crystal-Redis, a Redis client for the Crystal programming language. It is open source, full featured, well documented and is very fast.

A few months ago I got excited about the new programming language Crystal. Crystal is the logical next step for Ruby programmers. It offers a Ruby like syntax, but is staticly typed and compiles to native code, which makes it much faster. Like Go, it has a coroutines and channels based concurrency model, allowing true parallelism. And Crystal compiles to staticly linked binaries, making deployment simple.

To learn Crystal, I felt I needed a real project. So I decided to implement an open source project: Crystal-Redis, a library that connects Crystal to Redis. Redis is a popular NoSQL-Database.

The project turned our great: Crystal-Redis has amazing performance, a very convenient API, good documentation and examples and was very well received by other developers.

More details on Crystal-Redis and on how to use it are available on GitHub.